Friday, May 9, 2014

Save Mart Meat Shopping for May

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I finally got to hit the meat sale for may at save mart today.  It was not a bad haul.  They had some of the more unusual items as part of the pick $5/$25 deal, things like corn dogs and precooked Tyson chicken.  I did not see a lot of beef it was mostly pork and chicken, which worked out well for some recipes I'm trying.  Stick around for the next post boneless pork ribs in a hoisin sauce.  The beef came out later on the clearance meat rack. I was able to get a bunch from that overall really a good deal. Here's what I got:

1-Package Bar-S corn dogs 16 count
5-boneless pork ribs
1-ff fryer thighs
1-ff fryer breast boneless
1-ff fryer leg quarters
3-beef steaks
3-pork chops and steaks
1-pork roast
1-Tyson fun nuggets

Total before sales/discounts and deals $112.76           O.O.P  $76.53    Savings 32%

Remember buy the large pakages of the deals.  Always check your unit price to get the better deal.

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