Saturday, June 10, 2017

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Many Layers Kitty

 Fur buddies I'm finally back.  Mother has been a real pain. She's working on her eBay and I've felt neglected.  I've had to hide when the camera comes out.  So that's why there hasn't been many Caturday art post.  I don't want my photo taken.  This is my revenge when she works to much.  Can you believe they ganged up(the boys and mom) on me to get a photo.  A guy can't get any sleep in this household.  Everyone coming in and out of my bedroom(Frankie its my room we share). Yeh,Yeh right just between you and me its my room. Frankie, what are we here to talk about? Oh right the ART.  Mom went overboard and here's the effects we are using for today's Art.  Hope this inspires you to create your own and come check it out at Athena Cat Goddess Blog.

                                                     Some Foliage from Pizap

                                                             Monet V in Dreamscope

Pencil sketch and HDR in Lunapic