Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fancy Deviled Eggs with pics

Good Morning dear readers,  I'm doing a reposting of the deviled eggs from the early months of the blog.  These are fantastic and so easy the kids can make them in fact conor just made them.  So here are the pics and the link to the recipe enjoy will be posting another easy recipe for Thanksgiving tomorrow.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

All Things Holiday Art Page

Good Afternoon dear readers and fellow artsy people,  I finally finished another art page.  For those of you who don't know what art journaling is--its a journal using art and words to express yourself.  You don't have to be able to draw you can use stencils, rubber stamps and collage.  So now on to today's page.  The holidays are here so I wanted something depicting the holidays.  I'm really happy with the page because I was able to actually draw something and have it turn out decent.  I painted the background my favourite acrylic colors cranberry and Mosaic blue.  I then rubber stamped happy thanksgiving in blue ink all over the page.  Then I drew my x-mas tree using oil pastels in brown and green using blue, purple and yellow for the decorations.  I glued a scrap booking piece around the tree. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the cat sitting in the extra roasting pan looking at me-where's the bird?  I used a cat stamp on card stock to depict Frankie and cut a piece of tin foil for the roasting pan and gesso'd a thought bubble with where's the bird?  Glued collage elements from magazines and store flyer's and wrote in black oil pastel "All Things Holiday".  Thanks for reading if you like please follow me on facebook and pinterest.  We always follow back.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving   

Friday, November 21, 2014

Save Mart B1G1F Roast, Turkey and Ham with purchase

Good Afternoon dear readers,  Kyle and I made a run to Savemart to take advantage of this great offer.  You buy $25 of groceries and get a B1G1F on Turkey, Ham or Pork Roast.  The main reason for going was to get a good sized roast to feed these boys over the holiday.  I love turning roast into sliders so yummy.  Plus I got some good deals for items I needed for Thanksgiving.  So here's what I was able to get.  Have a great day and these deals are going on through Tuesday of next week.  So run and pick up great items.

I opted for two Boneless Pork Roast for the B1G1F and only paid  $5.80  for both
Lays Potato Chips @ $2 each bought 3
Martinellis Sparkling Cider @ $2 each killer deal on these
3-24 oz sodas
2-loafs generic white bread
2-all american lemon pies yes I'm addicted haven't found a homemade replacement-anybody have one plmk.
2-Bags store brand shredded cheese @ $2.99 each sorry guys conor wont let me post his recipe for pizza
El Monterey Chimichangas  @ $3.50 each
Bar S Bacon @ $3.99
Reduced for quick sale 3 packages Foster Farms Honey Roasted Turkey Lunch Meat
2 packages reduced for quick sale steaks

total before coupons/sales  $76.52         after coupons/sales/discounts  O.O.P  $49.86

Saved $26.66                                         savings of  35%

                                           Find out what I make with those roast here

                                    You! You! vile woman I just inspected the shopping cart and
                                their is no Cheesysensations cat food I demand you go back to the store now!!!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Frankies Corner--sleeping on a pokey tree

My boy left the tree box out and I had to sleep on it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Hoisin Flavored Dish-Asian Chicken

Good Morning dear readers,  yes its finally here the Asian barbecue chicken.  The boys liked it so much theirs nothing left this morning.  If mister picky(Conor) eats it, its that good.  I made a lot of changes to the original recipe which came from eating well magazine.  I want to apologize for the pics early could not get the final product outside when it was still sunny for some reason some of my photos come out very dark in my kitchen.  So anyways if you like Hoisin this recipe will not disappoint.  It comes out looking a little like Cajun blacken chicken in some points.  I also let it cook an extra 15 minutes. I always want to make sure the meat is always cooked all the way through. So here's my version of this recipe and here's what you'll need. Bon Appetite.

8-12 pieces of chicken legs and thighs bone-in (note I left the skin on)
1/2 cut up green onions
1 tbs. Soy Sauce
1 tbs. Ginger
1 tbs. Minced Garlic
1/4 cup Hoisin
1/4 tsp Chinese Five Star Spice
Jar of sesame seeds to sprinkle over chicken 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
you can use baking dish or pan either spray with cooking spray or line with tin foil
chopped green onions you can reserve some to put on top after baking
adding green onions and seasoning and spices together accept sesame 
add chicken to sauce and toss to cook
place all chicken on pan and pour left over sauce on it.
let cook for an hour turning over once, meat is done when meat thermometer reads 165 degrees or let cook an extra 15 minutes and poke with fork until juices run clear.

Now your ready to eat.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Veteran's Day Art Page

Good Morning dear readers, sorry for the delay on this page had some health issues crop up. I was finally able to finish the page yesterday.  I like this one a lot better then my journal 52 magic prompt still haven't posted that one.  Any ways used bright colors for this one. I started out with  a nice yellow acrylic paint.  I then used some fourth of July plaid stencils and colored them in with oil pastels and lined it with black paint pens.  I glued found images in magazines to the center and stenciled the stars around the corners and filled them in with oil pastels and lined them with black paint markers. I rubber stamped celebrate in blue ink.  My neighbor gave me some L stencils for my name.  She knows I do art journaling.  I'm making my signature the cat with the L over it.  I thought it would be a neat idea. Okay readers what book do you get techniques from on how to make stencils please let me know.  I've read the reviews on stencil girls book and they say not for beginners.  So please let me know what you started using to make your own stencils.  Enjoy and create.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cookie Club #2 The Cheese Burger Cookie

Good Afternoon dear readers,  here's my surprise for you today.  I got this book last year I try to read a new holiday book every year.  This book is called "The Christmas Cookie Club" written by Ann Perlman.  This a wonderful heart warming story about the women who have a yearly Christmas Cookie Club and their lives, loves and friendship throughout the year.  Another wonderful thing about the book is it has cookie recipes.  Today I get to share with you one of the most unusual and tasty cookies in the book--The Cheese Burger Cookie. This recipe as been altered to fit my families needs. So lets get to the recipe.

1-12 oz box nilla wafers
2 egg whites
bottle of sesame seeds to sprinkle liberably over cookie
1/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
4 cups or more to get desired consistancy confectioners sugar
yellow, red and green food coloring
1 cup coconut
1-10 oz, package chocolate grasshopper cookies

Get two plates and by the way the kids can help assemble these cookies their is no cooking involved.
One plate is  filled with faced side up and the other face side down.  On the facing up cookies brush eggs on them and sprinkle with sesame seeds then set aside.  

Mix milk, almond extract and confectioners sugar together stir in yellow and red food coloring until you have the consistency and coloring of cheese this is your frosting it holds the cookies together.

Take your coconut and sprinkle green food color and then stir or if container with lid shake until turned green this is your lettuce

Now your going to assemble your cheese burger put frosting on the face side down cookie then place grasshopper cookie on top then proceed with another layer of frosting dipping cookie in lettuce.  Take the face side up cookie put frosting on it and then put on top of other cookie with lettuce coconut and their you have your cheese burgers.  You can make 2 dozen with the one box. I cut back it originally called for 2 boxes.  Conor does not like mint cookies so I bought devils food chocolate cookies to see how it would turn out. It makes the cookies look like big Macs and gives them a different flavor. You can try either way enjoy.

                                               for easy pinning http://www.pinterest.com/pin/362610207472273338/

Monthly Meat Shopping at Save Mart For November

Good Morning dear readers,  I did the monthly run with kyle for the meat sale.  He's learning how to do this so maybe more than monthly visit.  My knee is still messing up so I can't walk to much.  Any ways we did the sale.  It was not the $5/$25 sale they did the $5.99 per package sale on certain items.  We were still able to get some good deals buying the large max packs of chicken.  So here's what we got for the deal.  I also balanced it out with reduced priced meat.  

2-Foster Farms Chicken Strips Bags @ $5.99 each
2-Rosina Meat Balls @ $5.99 each
2-Packages Foster Farms 2 lb. Ground Turkey @ $5.99 each
3-Max Packages of Chicken @ $5.99 each
1-Pork Roast on sale @ $2.52 lb  got for  $8.26  got for Conor he found out it was the anniversary of Berlin Wall coming down so he had to celebrate.
6-Reduced priced packages of various cuts of steak between $2-$3 each

24 pack Pepsi
1-10 count hash browns
1-gallon of milk
1-package of ice cream drumsticks
2-cans of  Friskies sauce sensations with cheese-the only place I can find them besides rite aid @ $.55 each 
1 bottle of roasted sesame seed @ $4.99  only place I can find them for this particular cookie recipe which will be on blog sometime today.
2-Keebler packages of grasshopper cookies good price @ $2.29 each also part of recipe
1-box Fruit loops
1-box of pop tarts
5/$5 black eyed peas good deal
3 flavored waters @ $.89 each

     Before coupons/sales/discounts   $164.82                   after coupons/sales/discounts  $119.24

Savings of   27%

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thank You For Your Service-Veterans Day

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I love hearing that phrase to me it means someone cares that I served to help this country.  We honor our veterans on this day not with just discounts and sales.  It's a special day for them much like mother's and father's day.  But shouldn't we as people go a little farther.  If you know a veteran and their family think of something you can do for them.  Your mission if you choose to accept it is to do something nice for a vet that you personally know or donate something to a veterans organization.  Here are some suggestions.

1. If they have kids offer to babysit
2. Bring them a meal
3  Create or give a card  
4.  Help them find a job
5. Offer a ride 

These are just basic ideas get creative and come up with your own.  Hope this helps and to my fellow Veterans a heartfelt "Thank You For Your Service".

Friday, November 7, 2014

Frankies Corner-What do you see?

Good Morning dear readers, I got into a discussion with my oldest son the other day. He said cat's see colors and I'm like I don't know. What do you think, Do cats see colors? Because every time I put cans in front of Frankie to pick what he wants to eat. He goes for the purple can? The purple can is his favorite turkey and of course cheese.  Well, I did some reading cats can see colors but not like you and me.  Cats can be considered color blind.  They see shades of blue and green and other colors can be confusing for instance that purple can actually looks more blue.  Most cats vision can be considered that of a near sighted person but their night vision is so much better than ours. Plus Frankie has the added problem of being cross eyed.  Play a game with your cat today put colored objects in front of them and see what they like.

                                               Yes, I see you leave me alone I'm napping

                                                    Look something just moved in my Territory!

                                                   HAHA you can't get me your too short.