Saturday, May 3, 2014

crafty thrifting haul for may

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I finally went back to hospice thrift store for their monthly half off sale. I told the boys this would be my birthday/mothers day gift.  I got a lot of craft supplies and a uni110que plate and cup set.  Here's what I got:

3 sheets card stock paper
3 rubber stamps
2 greeting cards which will be cut down for art journal
1 package of letter chip board 32 pieces
sponge brush
2 bottles of acrylic paint (conors going through my paint good bargain)
2 bingo daubers will be using for rubber stamps and stenciling (tried it on the rubber stamps not bad)
unique plate and cup set (the boys are going to bring me breakfast in bed using it)

all of this for $8.50

                              I love this rubber stamps goes with a theme I'm working on one of my pages.

                                         Love this plate set been seeing these types for awhile.

                                               Check out bingo daubers for your art.

Also picked up a children card board music book going to try mixed media art and alter the book.
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