Saturday, August 5, 2017

Caturday Art-The Return of Frankie

Good Morning fur buddies did you miss me. Yes I know its been eleventy billion years since mom did a art post.  Frankie you know its only been a couple of months and there's no such thing as eleventy billion.  Don't interrupt me mom let me do the talking.  Hoomans always interrupting me. Has you know my hooman get pression really bad in the summer and things just don't get done that much. I get really bossy when she gets like this to snap her out of it.  Anyways enough of the boring hooman stuff.  Lets talk about the incompetency of hoomans when it comes to buying the right cat food.  What's a guy gotta do to get them meaning mom and boys to get it right.  The cart comes home and theirs this stuff. It resembles cat food but its really awful.  So I give them the look.  It doesn't work so I run around at my top speed and paw carpet. No response from them until the next day new cat food.  So fur buddies find your ways of torturing your hoomans until they get it right. It really does work. Here's are artwork done with a little picmonkey and dreamscope enjoy.