Saturday, May 20, 2017

Caturday Art-Frankies Arty Out takes

Good Morning fur buddies, this morning we are doing something different.  I have some photos that were arted up and didn't make it to the blog.  So in my role as snooper visor, I told mom we should do a separate post to share with my readers.

This is what I have to resort too to get any work done.  This puter is to small for my supposed fat butt. I had to get the claws out and poke mom to get anything done.  Lets get to the photos and please tell which ones you like.

Mom is thinking she will be adding this one to the shop and calling it Woodsy Rustic Kitty

Mom went way overboard on this one.  Mom does this really look like me. I seriously don't see it.

Cats have a way of seeing things that aren't there.  I do it to freak mom out.  I know I'm a stinker.

                    Can you tell mom likes a lot of blues and purples.  I don't know did she get my good side fur buddies?  I'll have to make sure she does next time if not?

Mom what did you do?  This looks like string dipped in paint and made to supposedly look like me.  So what's the verdict fur buddies which do you like?                              

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