Saturday, December 31, 2016

Caturday Art- Snowshoe Happy New Year's Kitty

Good Afternoon furbuddies, mom keeps dropping the ball on this schedule thingy.  She's trying but these things keep getting in the way like these things called Holidays.  Plus the boy messed up his ear and was at the human vets office getting that fixed better him them me.  I hate the vet.  He's fine now don't know what that was about.  Any ways I have a serious question to ask you all.  Do I look like a girl?  Santa Paws brought me prezzies and they're all pink.  I am not a girl this is making me so confused.  I'm gonna have to hit the nip tonight to get over this confusion.  Humans why do they do this to us.  I say start the rebellion again. Via La Revolution Happy New Year and here's my photo for Caturday. Yes, I'm playing with the stupid pink thing.

P.S. she as the nerve to take a photo that makes my butt look fat.

                                                            New Year's II

                                                             New Year's I


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Monday, December 26, 2016

Very Late Merry Christmas Cat Art

Good Morning furbuddies so sorry for the lateness of this post.  I forgot to wish everyone a very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year so sorry.  My mom over did it for the holidays and her migraines took over again.  She's determined to beat this thing back and get back to some kind of normal.  Can you believe Santa Paws thinks I'm a girl I got a pink stocking?  I'm a boy cat it must be all the art where mom makes me look fru fru. I tried to enjoy mom and the boys dinner, Mom yelled at me then gave me some stinky goodness.  I know how to work the mom.  The boys got games. I hope they bring out the yahtzee?  I love batting around the dice, so fun it makes mom laugh so hard.  But I'm in my homemade sauna got a little head cold so breathing the steam today.  What did Santa Paws bring you? Oh almost forgot here's the new Art.

                                                                 Snowshoe Winter Sketch Kitty

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Belated Caturday Art Post-Snowshoe Abstract Christmas Kitty

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Good morning furbuddies, we had some doozies of Storm's yesterday which knocked out our Internet so couldn't post. So we are a little late with our art but better late then never. Mom got me sitting in front of the tree you might be able to make it out even the reindeer ornament hanging off of it. I thought the tree was real this year and tried to turn it into a scratching post and mom's like Frankie can't do that.  Ah mom can't a guy have any fun? The boy will be off school for a whole 2 weeks can't wait for the lap petting.  Mom's trying a new murder mystery recipe called Red Velvet Brownies of course she wont let me have any, but I will turkey cat treats my favourite,  What are your humans doing for the holidays that you like to do?

We have been doing well in the shop for xmas here are some of the ornament that have sold

snowshoe aurora borealis kitty metal ornament
snowshoe aurora borealis kitty metal ornament
by artsylorraine

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