Saturday, September 26, 2015

Caturday Art-Fall Colors Kitty

Good Morning dear readers, we are participating in Athena/Marie caturday art hop.  The seasons are changing and we took a cute photo of Frankie lying on top of the computer.  It didn't turn out so well, so it became another art photo.  We used are favourites picmonkey and pizap.  We used a red overlay on the photos and tried various flower frames.  We wanted it to look warm for fall.  Frankie looks grumpy this was taken before the trip to the vet.  He's now a lot happier having taken prednizone for the current asthma situation.  Hope everyone has a great day and purrs and zen hugs to all.

Frankie's Ordeal and a helpful request

Good Morning dear readers, we are back Frankie's had some problems this week.  The air quality was so bad he had to go to the vet.  They were finally able to get an x-ray and its confirmed he has asthma.  Getting him to the vet was such an ordeal.  Poor baby threw up before we got in the car and on the way he had a panic attack.  We had to wait awhile because an emergency came in just before us.  The vet and her techs were very nice and understanding.  They were able to get an x-ray without drugging him.  He's doing fine now.  The ladies of Lou's Place were so helpful and understanding.  They do a lot of fostering kittens and dogs and are seeking donations to help them in their endeavors.They could use donations of wet and dry cat food and pedigree dog food or any high quality wet or dry.  This vet clinic is so great you can tell  their not in it for the money.  They love the animals.  I'm very happy with them and will continue to go there. So please if you can help with a donation that would be great. Here's their address and thanks dear readers.

Lou's Low Cost Vet Care
7348 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 978-0740

                                     like mom said they are the bestest vet their is available.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Scaring Ourselves For Halloween

Good Morning dear readers, sorry for the short hiatus.  Frankie had issues that had to be taken care of and I will go into detail in one of his posts later.  Halloween is fast approaching and I know we all love a good scare.  The boys go to their annual party every year.  I take care of the door and get to have my pick of scary movies.  This year I found a doozie it made me jump out of my seat. It's called Dark was the night and can be found at red box. Here's a little bit of what it's about.  A logging operation destroys a forest area.  Strange shadows and mysterious footprints are found.  Animals and people start disappearing. The local sheriff must figure out how to defend his town against this unknown danger.  Thrill and chills and scares to make you jump out of your seat. So check it out but make sure the little ones are in bed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Zazzle Sale - 50% off Fall Essentials

Good Afternoon dear readers, I wanted to let you know about the cool sale going on in the shop.  This sale goes on through thursday and you can get up to 50% off certain items using the code GATHERINGS4U.  Here's a little bit of the break down of what you can get.

                                                 50% off include cards, posters and stickers.

snowshoe rainbow kitty square sticker
snowshoe rainbow kitty square sticker by artsylorraine
Check out Snowshoe Stickers online at zazzle

25% off  Autumn accents i.e mugs, pillows, aprons, coasters etc.

snowshoe raccoon markings kitty classic white coffee mug
snowshoe cartoon like kitty rectangular cheeseboard
snowshoe cartoon like kitty rectangular cheeseboard by artsylorraine
Check out these Cheeseboards at Zazzle

10% off all products.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Caturday Art-Racoon Markings Kitty

Good Morning dear readers, we are participating in Athena and Marie's Caturday art hop. I decided I was going to take over the TV remote control. I didn't want to see any more of moms new favourite show the zoo.  Anipals going nuts that's just wrong.  She got me with the flashy box and decided to use in today hop.  She played in picmonkey and pizap.  Hope you enjoy the photos have a great a furrday.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip

Good Morning dear readers, we are trying out different stores for the deals this week.  Conor and I did a look around before payday and decided to come back to Grocery Outlet.  A lot of good deals to be had especially if you need snack items for back to school lunches.  You can also find some meat deals.  So here's what you'll need:

Chips Ahoy-$1,99
Pepper ridge farm chocolate mint cookies-$1.99
Hill shire Farms Smoked sausage 2/$4
3 lbs. Bananas  $1.99
Chicken Thighs on clearance for $5.28
3pk Red Baron Pizza for $8.99
4 lb. bag Stir Fry Veggies

Paid $32.22 for all these items not bad.

Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Back-New Art Journal Page

Good Afternoon dear readers, I am finally finished working on a new art page.  Yes I know its been awhile just been dealing with the depression and not feeling like it.  Here's what I used to create this lovely piece.  I painted the background lime green and sprayed inks in the color of turquoise in the middle.  I then rubber stamped new home all over the page, then colored the stamp with gel pens.  I found a lovely row of houses picture and cut and glued it to the page.  Then did a rose rubber stamp and colored it in with gel pens and colored pencils.  Then outline the house and page with oil pastels. I also used oil pastels to write in "Dreaming Of Owning A Home".  Thinking of getting into art journaling check out supplies at your thrift store inexpensive and easy to find makes this hobby worth while.  Here's the pics enjoy.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Selfie-All Framed Up

Good morning dear readers, we are participating in the cat on my head's Sunday Selfie blog hop.  Mom had some photos stashed away from earlier.  Sometimes I don't want my photo taken. I hide my  head and today is one of those days.  Mom said she would put it in a pretty frame to try and entice me out.  But I was not having any of it.  So here's an old photo from a month ago she fixed for today's blog post.  

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Good afternoon dear readers,  sorry this is late today had to run errands with the boys. Frankie's been giving me a dirty look.  What no post mom get with the program.  So we took Wednesday's photo and arted it up using pizap.  It brought to mind the colorful clown wigs.  Ironically Frankie was trying to get into my paints and gel pens this week.  So this photo is appropriate for just that reason.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Frankie Not So Wordless Wednesday

Good Morning dear readers, since we were busy this weekend here's some photos of Frankie.  Hey mom let me get on here.  I wanted to post but mom wouldn't do it.  She's been getting busy with the art stuff again.  What's a kitty to do?  I wanted to help but she said I would get gesso on my butt.  That would not be fun boy would put me in the bathtub.  So here I am.