Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Quick and Easy Shrimp Fried Rice

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Good Morning dear readers, here's one of my new favourites. It doesn't take a lot of ingredients.  All  you need is a large skillet or wok and your ready go.  One thing I like about this recipe the rice doesn't have to be cold.  You can cook and use it immediately no waiting required. This came from the Success Rice website and I altered it to fit my families needs:

1-2 Bags cooked success rice (cook according to package directions)
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup cut green onions
2 scrambles eggs
1 lb. frozen shrimp
2 Tb Vegetable oil separated
3 Tb Soy Sauce

First off heat 1 tb. oil in wok then scramble eggs in wok until done set aside.  Heat remaining oil and add peas and greens onions stir fry for 2 minutes.  Add shrimp, rice and soy sauce to the mix cook for 2-3 minutes.  Fold in eggs when done and serve hot.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Blue Supernatural Kitty

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Good Morning fur buddies,  it has been a crazy week.  Mom has been with the human vet a lot.  She's had a ouchy head and they don't know what's happening. They did find on one of their scanning things a sore behind her eye.  She gets to see the special human vet this week and maybe get fixed. I snoopervise her daily meds they don't smell real bad. At least she's not sticking a long claw in her leg and bleeding.  I had to put my paw down about that one.  Anyways I've been catsitted by boy and I've figured out how to control him and get my way.  He'll be doing homework or watching TV.  I leap into his lap and sit on his chest. I meow in his face.  He'll do anything I want to get me to stop.  I'm in heaven.  I get to listen to NPR and get cat rubs on my back and tummy.  I eat what I want to eat. How do you get your way with your human?  Well here's this weeks photo. We are joining in Athena cat goddess caturday art hop.  Mom says hopefully she'll have some crafts done this week so come back and check it out.

                                   Dream scope using supernatural and flowers found in pizap

                                                                 Done in HDR in pizap


Are you trying to save up gift cards mom found a new program that even has overstock gift cards can you say I'm getting a new kitty condo the one by Trixie Lukas's in the shape of a mousie head check out this program.  It's called mintvine and here's the link


here's the pin of the condo

The craft mom's trying to work on is a teacup candle and she found it in this lovely book with a lot of crafts check it out

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Graffiti Kitty

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Good Morning my fur buds, mom got to play with dream scope today and had a lot of fun. She's been trying to use the phone to get photos to a higher resolution and hasn't got it quite there yet.  I've been feeling the cold lately and trying to crawl under the covers at night.  Mom said I should crawl under my own blankets that I stole from her.  I do not steal mom I borrow.  Besides you have plenty of blankets and I only have the one.  Frankie you take as many as I'd let you. Your a greedy little thing. Your a little Prima Dona.  Well I never, walks off in a huff.  Do your humans say bad things about you?  Which  photo do you like this week?

                                                           Graffiti in dreamscope

Blue Brambles in dreamscope

                                                         winter solstice

                                                           basic edits in picmonkey

                                                               original cuteness

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Belated National Thrift Store Day-Fabulous Limoges Find

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Good Morning dear readers,  Love that they have a day for all us thrifters.  I was able to get this lovely piece from the Women's Empowerment Thrift Store.  I had actually seen it last weekend but had to wait. Hated waiting but what can you do? Limoges refers to a region in France known for their delicate Porcelain China.  You can find many factories in the town of Limoges still making china today. They been making china since the 18th Century.  There's a chemical called Kaolin in the soil that's used to make the china. This chemical gives it a fragile quality.  This piece I found  was made by the Lazarus Strauss & Sons of New York.  Interesting fact I found out this company was the first to have its products put in the original Macy's Store. I love this piece with the double handles and the gold leaf definitely very fragile.  What did you find on National Thrift Store Day?

                                   Update found makers mark in kovels book dated 1895-1917

Note: this piece will be in an eBay auction when I get it set up soon.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Jewel Tone Kitty

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Good Morning fur buddies,  The summer time is almost over and my boy is back in school.  I'm keeping warm in my blankets in my quiet room.  I love listening to the pink box.  Mom's mad cause she can't get a new CD of these lady singers(celtic women) cause I broke the CD player on the pink box.  Well she sits at the puter with the ear things on listening to them ladies and what a shame I can't listen to them.  Mom I like my box just fine thank you very much.  We had fun with our art this week on dreamscope.  If you haven't tried it yet you really should.  We are sharing at Athena's Caturday Art Hop.  Enjoy and have a fun weekend.

                                                    Jewel Tone in Dreamscope

                                                         exposure and HDR

                                                               original photo

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Mixed Media Flower Canvas

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Good Morning dear readers, I finally finished my mixed media canvas. This was hard to get it together.  My inner critic kept interfering but here's the final result.

The original canvas had a nightmare going on it.  I've never used these chalk blocks thought they were oil pastels not.  So I gesso'd over the painting and you can still see a little bit of the house I tried to draw.

The ink sprays that I love bled through the gesso. I used cotton candy blue acrylic paint to go around the ink spots.  I turned the ink spots into flowers. I drew in the flowers with glitter glue.  Then outlined the flowers with pink paint pens.  I glued on pipe cleaner for stems and outline them in oil pastel crayons.  I used various rubber stamps and yes paw prints. It wouldn't be my art with out an ode to Frankie.  Glue on collage elements from magazines and outlined them in oil pastels.  Voila its done don't let your inner critic keep you from your art.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

1/2 Off Thrifting Finds For August

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Good morning dear readers.  I was able to go to the Snowline Monthly Sale this past weekend.  I found some lovely things and I wanted to share with you.  First off is this lovely Russian porcelain egg trinket box. Actually Conor found it and so its his item.  He's doing the research on it will let you know more about it later.

This is actually a wooden pin. I thought she was so cute would go great on a Halloween costume.

No markings on this lovely garden cart. I just thought it was pretty.  This could be added to a fairy garden.

I had to add this lovely lady to my cat collection.  She actually holds jewelry in the back very nice.  Frankie's not to happy about her can we say jealous cat.

I saw this and another upcycling project came to mind. I'm thinking Haunted Birdhouse for Halloween we'll see how it goes.

I love getting inexpensive craft books to give me ideas.  I'm looking into making art dolls looks like a lot of fun.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Black Fire Kitty

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Good Morning fur buddies,  I'm back and feeling better.  I've had a really bad cold with sneezing fits this past week.  Mom was on the verge of taking me to the vet.  She decided to see what would happen if she gave me a bath.  You know I don't like baths what kitty does?  Anyways the bath and washing my bed got rid of the sneezies.  Boy took me out last week and I rolled on the ground and probably picked up something(you went out on a bad air day and you were not supposed too).  Mom even changed the filters on my air thingy. So I don't have to ride in the Uber car.  I'm going to get cat sitted cause its thrifting day for mom. Maybe she'll bring me something back.  She better not bring anymore anipals into the house(Frankie their glass).  I don't like anyone else getting my attention time.  We are joining in  Athena Cat Goddess Art Hop and this is my entry.  Mom had several she created maybe she'll put the others in the shop.

                                                           Blacklight in Dreamscope

                                                        Done in HDR in Picmonkey

                                                            Original Photo

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Can't Keep My Hands Off Lemon Croissants

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Good Morning dear readers,  sorry for the silence on the foodie front.  I've been dealing with some health issues and doctors changing my diagnosis.  I've had to scramble and talk to head of clinics to get this taken care of, so a word of warning get copies of all your medical tests results.  Never give your last copy away.  Enough of that finally made this absolutely yummy and can't keep your hands off croissants.  This was incredibly easy and only took 3 ingredients.  I wanted something to emulate the hostess lemon pies and this works out great.  You get that lemon taste and the crispy crunch of the croissants and that hint of the powdered sugar.  So here's what you'll need to make this yummy treat. Oh by the way you can create your own using any flavor pie filling.

1 package of croissants or more 
1 can Duncan Hines Lemon Creme Pie Filling
Powdered Sugar

Open package of croissants and roll them out.  Place on a cookie sheet and start spooning filling down the middle of the croissant.  Roll large end to the small and then roll croissants in powdered sugar.  Place in oven set to 375 degrees and bake for 10-12 minutes.  Serve warm with coffee Bon Appetite.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Dealing with Migraines-What do you do?

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Good Morning dear readers, I want to explain my absence by writing this post. You know all those visits to the ER with weird vision problems. There not the early warning signs(in my case) of blood clots in the brain i.e. stroke.  After my last ER visit, the headaches came on with a vengeance. So I know a lot of you have similar situations and I wanted to share with you how I'm dealing with it.  So maybe it can help you a little bit.

What does a migraine look like:

  • dull throbbing pain 
  • vision problems can't see or bright flashes of light (very scary my first symptoms)
  • nausea
  • feeling tired 
  • feeling like you have a cold
  • feeling cold or sweaty
  • dizzy
  • stiff neck
What are some ways you can treat them at home or prevent them from happening.
  • certain foods can cause a migraine therefore watch what you eat and keep a food journal
  • mental health issues i.e. anxiety, stress and depression can be a trigger try to find ways to relax (that's my problem right there)
  • Changes in Weather-sorry guys I'm anti summer the heat makes me literally sick.
  • Bright lights and smells can set you off. Did you know their are curtains made to block out the sun to prevent migraines.
  • Medications-OTC and prescription of course help a lot(I see my doctors this week)
  • This is a trick I use to treat headaches in general before the migraines started.  I would take Tylenol, a strong cup of coffee for the caffeine(note too much can have the opposite effect) and protein i.e. tuna sandwich and this works for me give it a try. 
  •  Certain essential oils help relieve the pain.  Lavender is great at reducing stress.  If you don't have any try this lavender scented bubble bath and soak in a warm tub.
  • Give yourself an intense facial massage 
  • icepack on the back of the neck and put your feet in warm water(Frankie thinks the icepack is for him tried to paw it off the back of my neck)
Hope this helps if you have any health issues that your concerned about always see your doctor. I'm not a doctor I'm just a lady with a health education degree and love sharing what I find out.

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