Thursday, May 22, 2014

Frankie's Corner-Frugal Cat Toys

Good Evening dear readers,  I've been running around a lot and trying to get back on schedule.  So here's Frankie's post for this week.  Cat's can get bored very easily and they need activity.  Basically I was reading where they need about 20 minutes of exercise.  If they're indoors how do they get their exercise? You can be frugal and keep your cat entertained.  I know all you pinterest crafters have been keeping your empty toilet/paper towel holders give some to your cat.  They love to play with them.  Frankie does the kangaroo feet on his roll.  Of course, we all know cats love bags next time your at the grocery store bring a couple of bags home for your cat.  Kids have old toys they don't want like a stuff animal see if the cat will play with it--Frankie stoled one of my beanie babies its now his favourite toy. But you still need to get some real cat toys use your reward programs to get them some fun stuff.  The best toys I've found are the ball that lights up when the cats bat it around.  The feather on the stick is another favourite and the tunnel. Frankie will play for hours.  Frankie does like to walk on his leash that's where he gets a lot  of his exercise.  It's very easy to train a cat but best if their young.  I started Frankie when he was a baby.  It takes some work but give it a try. Your cat might surprise you.  Here he is walking on his leash today.  Hope these toys help keep your furbabies active.

P.S.  One of my readers reminded me to let you know paper bags with handles cut off are the right type of bags for them to play in and around.

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