Sunday, May 11, 2014

Frankie's Notes on Mother's Day

Meowy Mother's Day dear readers,  I'm taking over today to give mom a break.  Mom is not happy with me right now I keep stealing her chair.  She gets up to go check on something and I go sit in the puter chair.  It's a nice soft warm puter chair.  Who can blame me?  How do you take care of your human moms on this day? Do you give them lot's of  cat kisses and meowy hugs?  I wanted to give a note to all my feline peeps out there the weather is getting hotter so make sure you drink more water.  Don't want to get sick?  If your like me, you don't like bowls of any kind.  I prefer the sink.  Unless you can recommend a pet fountain that a company will let me review.  Would love to have a fountain so mom's not always changing the sink water plmk.  Also if you love can's Wal-mart has can's for $.25 (friskies not the cheap generic).  So that's my meow's for the day wow this writing thing is tough on the paws don't know how mom does it.

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