Saturday, January 10, 2015

Small Trip to CVS

Good Morning dear readers,  I was also able to make a small trip to CVS yesterday.  This was mostly a snack run and to get some more ecb's.  Oh make sure you check for your quarterly rewards.  Sometimes they don't send the reminder email.  Here's the breakdown on what I got.

3-Cases of  Soda did the 7up deal  @ 3/$10 deal
3-General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ 3/$8  used $1/3 coupon
3-Hershey Candy Bags @  3/$9  used  $1/3
2-Lays Chips @ 2/$5
1-Lays Dip @ 2/$5 
1-Best Foods May  @ $3

Total before coupons/sales/discounts $63.57                   After coupons/sales O.O.P.  $38.97

                                                       Savings of   39%    earned $5 in ecb's

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