Friday, January 30, 2015

Riding the Mental Health Waves Art Page

Good Afternoon dear readers, I finished my surfer riding the mental health waves art page.  This was fun trying to draw the waves of  health issues using oil pastels.  Then I drew my surfer also using oil pastels and paint marker.  I rubber stamped fish in the waves using my Le plume rubber stamp ink pens in blue and purple.  I also put butter flys in the top portion of the page using black ink pads. Overall a fun project life is like riding waves when you have bouts of depression, anxiety and stress.  You just have to learn how to surf them.  Quick question readers can't find the aqua net at dollar tree. They have some non descript brand over there can you use a different hair spray has sealer plmk.  We love comments what are you working on now.

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