Friday, February 17, 2017

Upcycling-Ugly Duckling to Outright Gorgeous Frame

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Good morning everyone, here's the ugly duckling frame that turned out downed right gorgeous.  I saw this frame and it was so ugly it screamed take me home make me beautiful.  It was a god awful beige yellow color, but it had these raised flowers and grooves that made it perfect for up cycling.  I could add paint and bling to make it beautiful and so I did.  Sorry I did not take a picture before I zapped it with the spray inks,  But here's the process and how it turned out.

                                              first off finished product

I took my spray inks and started just spraying them all over the frame.  I used postbox red, crushed grape, pure sunshine and vibrant turquoise. I was going for a drippy effect but it came out like a burned it.  I love how out it looks.  The little craft saboteur was at it again he spilled my red ink thank god it was all over newspaper.

                                                          NO CRAFTS ALLOWED

I have fallen in love with glitter acrylics,  You don't have to apply the glitter after you paint its inside the paint.  I used red, green and purple and it had to have multiple layers of paint to get good coverage.  It turned out really well especially the rose. It really stood out.  Then I used my glue gun to add some brass elements and vintage jewel bits and voila your done.

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