Saturday, January 3, 2015

Frankies Corner-Exercising your Human

Good Morning dear readers, sorry for the belated post you know how human boys are when it comes to the puter.  It makes it hard for a feline to do blog post.  I'm trying to help mom be more active, but its to cold outside to go for a leash walk.  Mom has this human leash with loops on it and I'm trying to get her to put it on like my leash.  But she keeps putting it on her feet and raising her legs in the air and she calls this exercise Humans!!

                                                  Too cold outside.

                                                      What! I want to lay down.

                                                        Time to work on the blog

                                         Oh this is my moms human leash but she puts it on her feet. What's                                                       with that?

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