Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I'm joining in "What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday.  I actually don't have an actual work desk-that's a dream I hope to fulfill in the coming year.  I have this large library table that doubles has my desk and dining room table.  My apartment is not very big for 3 people so this table works out fine.  Here's some of the projects that are in the works

1.  Unfinished art journal pages in varying stages will be sharing the finished product later

2.  I'm attempting to carve my own stamps using an extacta knife. I think I need the speedballer knife I'm seeing on YouTube.  But has they say practice makes perfect in this case lots of practice.

3.  Pizza Box-Yes, a pizza box not sure whether it will be heart cutout to go with my wreath or end up being used as a canvass(as a little spot on the inside so not sure if I can use a sealer to fix that problem).

4.  Keeping up with my clipping for my collage pieces and for my happy mail friends.

So what's on your desk or table or what have you would love to know.

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