Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One way to repurpose a coke bottle

Good Afternoon dear readers,  we are taking part in a challenge to re-purpose our coke bottles.  I've been wanting to do another re-purposing project for a while and this one was perfect.  I actually saw this idea on one of those not well known channels on TV called the Live Well Network.  You will take a small coke bottle and poke a hole toward the top of the bottle beneath the label.  Then cut all the way around the bottle.  Separate top from bottom and remove label.  Take a bag of rice, chocolate chips or anything that comes in a bag. Twist open bag end and pull through bottle top and fold down. Then place lid on your bottle.  This keeps mess to a minimum in pouring these items.  Your being green reusing your coke bottle.  What are you re-purposing today?

                                   For easy pinning

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