Monday, August 26, 2013

The E-Readers VS. Real Books--How will this affect the kids?

Good Morning all, I wanted to ask your opinion of the ongoing debate about the E-readers vs. Real Books. If your a fan, you know that I'm an avid reader and lover of all things book.  Don't get me wrong I like the idea of being able to get anything new to read instantly.  I've been looking online and a lot of titles are free.  Which with the way the economy is going, this is a bonus.  I worry kids wont have the experience of sitting down and enjoying a good read.  What I mean by that is the look, feel and sense of reading a real book. It's an intimate experience.  I love going to the bookstore and finding a book I've been trying to find forever.  I'm a big fan of Leanne Sweeney's Cats in Trouble series and my favorite used bookstore finally had it. You also have the added interaction with other book lovers.  Kids need that social interaction.  Story times at the bookstores and libraries give an added bonus to the kids.  But you can argue their are hidden health benefits to an e-reader.  Kids don't have to carry fifty million books around in a backpack.  Those of us whose eyes are not great can change the font and lighting on an e-reader to improve vision.  Books carry a sense of history with them.  I remember the movie " The Day After Tomorrow" where one of the Character's saved the first book "The Gutenberg Bible".  He says this book represents the age of the dawn of reason. How about we be reasonable and contribute to both mediums.  Keep that sense of history and buy the used books and pass them down to our kids.  But also get the e-reader and  a lot of books to encourage more reading.  You can give more in depth commentary at my face book fan page

                                              Frankie Says I'd Rather Watch A Video

Since I also try to help everyone save money.  Check out amazon's free kindle books under the book tab and get their daily deal alerts. The used bookstores take trades and give 10% or more back on books depending on the book brought in the store.  Coke rewards currently is offering a Barnes and Noble e-card. When last I checked it was out of stock but keep checking.  Hope this helps and everyone have a great day.
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