Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Fellow CVS Fans

                                           Hello Fellow CVS Fans

I decided to posted my adventures in savings at CVS.  I love shopping here and getting stuff for free.
If you haven't tried CVS yet. Your in for an adventure, so be sure and get your rewards card and follow the ads.  My first trip for June here's what I got.

                    1-Head & Shoulders
                    2-Crest w/scope toothpaste
                    1-Colgate Total Mouthwash 500ml
                    1-Secret Clinical Strength
                    1-package Tena Pads

after coupons and ecb card/sales saved $28.39     out of pocket $11.49  Also received  $7 extra care bucks

2nd Transaction

                      1-Charmin Ultra 16 pk

saved $13.11 using bucks and sale            out of pocket $3.67

Some places to get gift cards to CVS are, Myview surveys and to help increase your savings.

Hope this helps with your savings.

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