Friday, June 21, 2013

Frankie's Corner

Good Morning all, Frankie is sleeping in this morning.  He snores light a fully grown adult male.  Your probably wondering why we rever to him as a Siamese who thinks he's a German Sheppard.  My family and I have only lived in our apartment for two years.  The first summer here, we had a prowler.  This creepy person would come in the middle of the night and tap on my kids windows.  This went on for several months and the cops could never catch him.  The complex installed a motion detector, but in the ground.  I asked them, "What's to keep this guy from tearing it up"? No answer.  I take a weekly injection, which makes me very sick. The creep showed up that night.  Frankie went crazy.  He was in my face pawing and meowing trying to get me up.  I'm like Frankie, Mommy don't feel good let me sleep.  So he goes to my son Conor's door and Conor's still asleep.  He then goes to my other son's room.  He's meowing and jumping and knocking over kyle's glasses.  I finally get up to try and calm him down, not realizing the guy has destroyed the motion detector.  We don't find out until the next day the motion detector is in pieces.  The cops have told me pay attention to the cat.  He's very smart.

Okay everybody please email friskies and tell them you want your frequent buyer program back.
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