Friday, June 28, 2013

Frankie's Corner

                  It's Friday and time for Frankies corner.  Frankie of course is the Siamese who thinks he's a German Sheppard. My family adopted him 3 years ago and he's a handful.  I found out the hard way he does not like me taking my injections.  I had been off my meds for 2 years because of fighting with the insurance company.  During that time frame, we got Frankie.  I didn't think anything about it when Frankie came into the room, when I started up my injections.  So, he saw the needle go into my leg.  After watching me, he hissed and bit anybody who came near him that day.  I called the vet and told her everything and she said  "he thinks your hurting yourself and should not be in the room when  I inject".  If he sees me prepping the needle, he yowls and trys to bat it out of my hand.  He jumps up to try to knock it out my hand.  He will sit outside the bedroom door and wait for me to finish or sometimes he will meow while I'm in there.  Very strange animal anybody have any cats or dogs react to them taking meds.  I'm hoping to go to the new oral medication techfidera soon.  That will make everybody happy Frankie included. Until next time have a great weekend.

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