Monday, June 17, 2013

                                     Summer Fun and Safety

Do you ever have this happen to you?  A line from a song continually playing in your head--School's out for the summer!!!  Summer Fun means a lot of time outdoors. This also means you have to think about sunscreen and hydration issues.  First off, try not to be out in the hottest part of the day noon til 4 p.m.  You need to apply sunscreen repeatedly, throughout the time your outside not just once.  People forget two areas that are hit repeatedly and can get blistered easily, the ears and the back of the neck. Another key point is hydration, hydration and hydration can't stress this enough.  Soda does not hydrate you, in fact it dehydrate's you.  Something I have to tell my teenagers repeatedly.  Water and fruit juice are the best ways and drink lots of it.  Here's a fun recipe to keep you hydrated.

                                 Water Melon Slushie  (Last Summer's All Me Issue)

                                2 cups seedless watermelon cut into cubes
                                1/3 C & H Agave nectar
                                1/4 cup lemon juice
                                2 cups fresh strawberries quartered
                                3 to 4 cups ice

In a blender add watermelon, agave nectar and juice. Cover and process on high. Add strawberries process on high for an additional minute.  Add each cup of ice separately, processing each cup until consistency of a slushie.  Can garish with piece of watermelon or strawberries.  Makes six servings.

Coupons can be found for the sunscreen online or in Sunday inserts.  Various stores are having sales on sunscreen i.e. buy one get one 50% off at Rite Aid for example.

C & H also has an agave nectar coupon out there.  So you can save money while taking care of yourself.

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