Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Poetry for the Masses


                                   How can you say I love.
                                  When I do not even know my own emotions.
                                  They flit from one flower to flower.
                                  Always seeking never finding the everlasting flame.
                                  The constancy of a deep abiding love.
                                  Only finding loneliness along life's never ending path.


                                 I don't care what you say
                                 Get a grip and go away.

                                           Sleepless Nights with Frankie

                                I tried to get some zzzzzz's
                                But its impossible with Frankie my Siamese
                                Because he snores with the breeze.
                               When he's a wake he plops down on the bed with a great quake.
                                But he's the best friend you'll find when your in a bind.          

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