Saturday, June 15, 2013

                               Frankie’s Corner

No matter what she says I rule this house.  I meow and she jumps.  Here’s the thing people, Friskies no longer has the frequent buyer program.  I propose an online email petition to get our frequent buyer program back(so long as it doesn’t include the food with the green stuff).  Oh Lord here she comes, I’m hitting send now.

Frankie get your paws off the computer.  Frankie,  my Siamese doesn't like my computer.  It takes away from his time outside on the leash.  Yes, he does walk on the leash.  I train all my cats to walk on the leash. Here's how I got started walking him and others on the leash.  You can teach a cat anything only if you try.
My ex-husband had a beautiful calico named Frances. She had been a stray.  She was kept completely indoors after her adoption.  I thought she's always in the house, Why not get her a leash?  I bought her a leash and proceeded to take her outside.  She loved it, walked around for about half an hour to an hour.  Here's the thing I brought her back inside.  I put the leash on the table.  Not five minutes later, she was dragging it to the front door.  She wanted to go again.  Start out small not every cat is going to be a Frances or a Frankie.  Let the cat walk around in the house wearing the leash for awhile before you take them outside.  Let them get used to it.  That's all for now.  Next time Summer Fun and Safety.

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