Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Decorative Craft Storage Idea

Good Morning dear readers,  Yes I'm back had some issues with my hands and had to go see my doctor.  I have to be more careful and not spend a lot of time stressing my hands.  I finally finished my new craft storage tier.  This will keep my craft supplies close at hand and let Frankie have his shoe box back.  I've been seeing the tiers on pinterest using the pie pans and the glass candlesticks from dollar tree.  I wanted to make mine a Little different.  I found these little neat black metal candlesticks.  I got different shaped pie tins.  I painted the tins different colors when you live in an apartment you can't paint it.  So you want to surround yourself with color.  The metal pans were a little difficult to paint had to do two coats but I decided I wanted what I refer to has the Hippie Drippy Look  You can  make it anyway you want.  Then I glued the base of the candlesticks using crazy glue but decided wanted it more secure so also duck taped it with my favourite Eiffel Tower pattern.  The top of the candlestick was more flatter so held better to the bottom of the pie tins and I proceed to do each level with the glue.  Really easy and fun no strain on my hands.  You put your stamps or paints pretty much anything in it.

                         For easy pinning
                                             Finished product holding my paints and stamps.

                                                 Balancing it out.

                                                       Painting the tins.

                                                      Attaching the candlestick with the glue.

                                                  Making them more secure with duck tape.

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