Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Frugal Craft-My Spring Wreath

Good Morning dear readers,  I realized I have not made a wreath since  Christmas.  I obtained a lot of supplies and even the wreath form several weeks ago from that great yard sale.  But I was looking for something a little different.  I live in an apartment which as you know most complexes will not let you paint and their walls are almost always white-mine is peach(yuck).  I wanted color some kind to brigthen  up these walls.  Well I was in wal-mart's craft and sewing section and low and behold I found it.  A beautiful roll of blue and white polka dot burlap ribbon this was perfect and not to expensive.  With all the deals I got, it probably cost about $5-$6 to make this wreath.  The burlap being the most expensive item around $3.  It took me about an hour to complete this project. Here's a list of items to make this type of wreath.

wreath form-$.25 at yard sale
snow cone tiles-$.10 each got these from thrift store but I did see some at Joanne's craft store
pink butterfly's-3/$1 at dollar tree
silk flower-$1 for a bunch at yard sale
burlap ribbon-$3? at wal-mart

I wrapped the wreath in the burlap and secured with pins.  Then used Elmer's glue all to place the butterfly's and snow cones on the wreath.  I let sit for a few minutes to hold the items in place.  Tucked the flower in the burlap and there you have a new wreath for spring or summer.  Enjoy the colors and Happy Spring.

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