Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Journal Pages

Good Morning dear readers,  I'm going to start sharing my art journal pages with you on a weekly basis. I love being creative and I feel it gives an outlet when your having health issues.  I have been watching and following alot of other art journalist and I just love their pages.  You don't have to be skilled at drawing to do this art,  because I am definitely not able to draw a decent picture.  This is not an expensive hobby. You can find supplies anywhere, which you'll see in my next post.  Their are also coupons out there for michaels and joanne stores.  First off,  I got a comp book to work in and make my pages.  I had to prep the book to hold all the mediums  I used in it.  So the book doesn't get to bulky tear out everyother page.  You will glue two pages together and to give it strength glue papers to it-I used tore up phone book pages.  Once this is dry(place wax paper between pages while drying) paint with gesso.  Once this is dry your ready to play.  I used all kinds of mediums on this page.  Here's some of what I used.

acrylic paint
rubber stamps 
pastel markers
post card 
water colors

You can make it any way you want.  Be sure and check out the youtube videos on beginner art journaling so cool.  So here's my page.

                                               Love Seattle so this is my page.

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