Friday, April 4, 2014

Small Thrifting Haul Spring Sale

Good Morning dear readers,  It's that time of year where the thrift stores are doing their spring cleaning and having sales.  My favourite little shop is having their sale this week.  I was able to get over there and get a couple of items that I just had to have in my collection.  Also my other favourite store is having their half off sale tomorrow can you say crafting haul from the thrift store.  This is the one where I get inexpensive craft supplies will be hitting them early.  So here's what I got.

                                            This was made out of an egg shell so cool

                                               Decorated with seed pearls and ribbon

                            Didn't come out in the other photo but supported by a metal ring on the bottom.

                                  Can you say clear glass project love the texture can't wait to play with it.

So hit so sales ladies and gentlemen.  I will also be going to a yard sale at a senior center they are selling all their craft supplies my neighbor told me about it supposed to happen soon can't wait more art journal supplies-Oh got the gesso and working on the comp book will show you later after I'm finished.
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