Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New crafting haul

Good Morning furbuddies, I said I would help mom post and here's one of the thrifting hauls.  This haul is all about upcycling and crafts.  Mom loves playing with all that stuff.  She found this jar filled with broken jewelry and beads this is going to be used on the iron picture frame.

This is a great find and only cost $2.  Moms going to use it on the frame as well as the teacup candle projects which hopefully will be soon.

 This unpainted box was a great find with the amber colored rhinestones in the corners.  Mom is going to possibly stain it and she found some rhinestone stickers in the shape of an owl.  That will be really cool and possible line it will some fabric or even decorator duck tape.

There are a lot of Terra cotta pots crafts in the blogosphere. I even saved pin on boards of making an angel.  Moms even looking into making a witch for Halloween.  We will have to see.

There will be more posts later. Mom has the inspectors here today and I'M NOT HAPPY. I've threatened to bite them if they touch me.  Zen Hugs and Purrrs my buddies.

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