Sunday, April 27, 2014

Art Journaling-using oil pastels with collage

Good Evening dear readers,  We had a paint party going on over here today.  The boys were doing their own paint projects and I was working in my journal.  At first,  I wanted to go without thickening the pages but that didn't work out.  I ended up adding the phone books scraps to thicken it up.  I got to play with my oil pastels today.  I like the way it adds to the texture.  I picked up some more rubber stamps from thrift store and I'm loving what they do to the page.  The thrift store got  $1,000's of dollars in donations of craft supplies, so I will be visiting them often.  Who knows maybe they'll get dylusion spray ink, fun. I added collages and embellishments to the page and stamped words to make it.  It's my feeling of home. So here's the pictures and enjoy.  If you haven't checked out art journaling give a try.

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