Saturday, August 9, 2014

CVS Shopping Trip- 2 transactions one saving 98%

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I was finally able to get back to CVS.  I did a total of two transactions sorry so late in the sale only get my grocery money on the 9th of the month.  So here's the break down. I took   advantage of the deals on snacks and shampoo.  

1-Kellogg's Fruit Loop @$3.00
2-smaller Kellogg's cereals @$1.99
3-Keebler cookies @$1.99
4-cans Chef Boyardee @.99
1-Splenda 100 count @$2.99
1-Yuban Coffee @$5.99
4-Cases 12 pk Coke

Total before coupons/sales/coupons    $89.71        After coupons/sales/ecbs  O.O.P.  $38.74  Savings 57%
Received $7 in ecbs

2nd Transaction

2-Bottles of Purex 2@6.00
2-vo5 Shampoo 2@1.50
2-Friskies rise and shine cans @.69 each
1-Palmolive dish liquid @.99

Total before coupons/sales/ecbs  $18.76          After coupons/sales/ecbs   O.O.P.   $1.12  Savings 98%

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