Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vintage Jewelry Find for July

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Good Morning dear readers,  I took the day off yesterday feeling the effects after Conors 18th birthday celebration.  I did manage to hit one yard sale this weekend plus I have this advertising tin to share with you. Here's the first piece this lovely brooch.

Some of the things I've been learning about vintage brooches.  The clasp itself can give you a clue has to how old the brooch is going to be.  This one has what is called a safety pin clasp and that started being used in the fifties and is still used today.  Another way to tell if its older is the back textured or smooth.  Smooth and shiny indicates its older.  This one unfortunately is not marked will keep doing research and share later.

This is a Blue Bird Confectionery Tin made by the Harry Vincent Limited in Worcester England.  It has the lovely Nefreteri Motif. The company was founded in 1898 and made toffee. The company was discontinued in 2002 after being bought out by Ashbury Confectionery  I just thought it was fun.  Tins with interesting image on them are fun to collect.  Conors like your not going to gesso it are you.  LOL no I'm not its safe from the gesso.  Do you have any tins your collecting would to know.  What did you find this weekend?

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