Friday, August 1, 2014

Birds Of A Feather

Birds of a feather flock together and maybe that's why all the books in this series have bird names and you will find that bird in each book.  This makes for an interesting series of books by Donna Andrews.  Each of her books are unique with quirky characters, crazy families and small town foibles.  The heroine in her series is Meg Langslow a welder who solves mysteries.  Her husband is a college professor so you have shenanigans involving a small college.  I had the pleasure of reading "Stork Raving Mad"and has the title indicates Meg is pregnant with twins.  Oh by the way in an earlier book they bought a huge 3 story house and this allows for a lot of interesting house guests.  In fact the story starts with a new guest who is a visiting playwright.  Another interesting quirky character and a lot of students staying at the house.  Then you have battles between college departments which leads to a murder.  I wont spoil the book its really enjoyable.  So get comfy grab a cup of coffee and curl up for a nice quiet read.  You will be reminded of a slapstick comedy at times.

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