Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frankies Corner-Human's and their Schedules

Good Evening dear fur friends,  I'm finally back to my Friday schedule.  Mom's been crazy busy and still is trying to keep to the schedule.  The weather is still making my allergies act up so been confined to the house. I long for the days I could go for my daily walks but alas mom says no way.  Now I know what my boy feels like when he has his allergies.  Can humans give cats allergies?  I will have to check this out my fellow fur friends and prevent this scourge from happening to others.  Have a meowy evening fur friends and humans who love us.  Here's some shots mom took with that new red box thingy can't seem to get this one to work well and I apologize for mom not getting my good side.  For those who love my moms art stuff that will be out later she's playing with it now HUMANS!!!

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