Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tips For Buying Reduced Price Meat

Good Morning dear readers,  I wanted to talk about shopping for meat today.  You know the news is full of stories of how the price of beef and pork is going up.  So how do you deal with the rising cost of meat.  Well you need to shop reduced price meat and here's my tips on how to do just that idea.

1.  Find the stores or stores that have the best deal on reduced meat--for me that's Savemart.  Yes, all stores have reduced meat but still don't have good prices.  I refuse to buy a package of meat over $5.

2.  Know when to go for the best deals.  Early in the morning is usually the best except the start of a new sale week.  They are putting out the specials first thing so wait or go the next day.

3.  Sometimes the meat is to far gone and looks off color.  I don't buy those items and let the meat department know it looks bad.

4.  I know this is basic and everyone knows this but freeze immediately when you get home.  Never defrost on the counter(I still know people who do this) always in refrigerator or microwave.

5.  It's always a good idea to have a variety of recipes in your files for the variety of meats you can get on clearance.

My recent trip to Savemart I got 5 packages of Beef and Pork on reduced sale.  This is my savings.

Total before reduction   $29.75                 After reduction  $16.87


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