Monday, November 11, 2013

The Christmas List Movie and a Fun Family Activity

Good Morning All,  Christmas is getting closer and closer.  I've decide to do a series on my favourite Christmas movies. The first one is called "The Christmas List".  The lead character is played by Mimi Rodgers and she works in a department store at the perfume counter.  The basic premise is she writes a x-mas list and on a whim puts it in the department store Santa's Mail box.  She notices things start happening from the list and the odd thing when it happens Santa Hats appear over the persons head and jingle bells can be heard ringing.  Nobody else sees or hears this just her.  She writes more detailed letters and starts changing her life around using the power of Christmas. She also learns the true meaning of Christmas. It's an all around fun Christmas movie.  I had a fun idea from this movie for the family.  Everyone write your Christmas wish list adults too.  Adults be elaborate with your wishes.  You never know what the power of positive thinking can do.  Remember the book "The Secret"  put it out in the universe and the universe might just surprise you.  Make it a family outing to find a Santa's Mailbox.  I think some department stores have them.  Have fun with it.  It's like driving around in your car looking at lights, a fun family activity for the holidays. 

                                           Sorry everyone the only Santa Hat I had was Kentucky Wildcats.

You can find the movie at at $9.99 unfortunately its not available at amazon. 
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