Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Christmas Card" movie with Family Activity

Good Morning all,  Hope everyone is having a great holiday break.  Here's another one of my favourite Christmas movies.  It's called  "The Christmas Card" and the story is about a soldier in Afghanistan who gets a lovely card from a woman in Nevada City, California.  He's intrigued, so when he returns stateside he wants to meet the woman who wrote the beautiful card.  It's about his time with her and her family and how they fall in love all of because of a Christmas Card.  It's an excellent story and one for the whole family to enjoy.  The activity I have in mind is one where we show support for our military personnel.  They are in need of particular items that many of us  who coupon have in our stockpiles.  So why not send some of those items to them for Christmas.  Here are two organizations who help the troops and what they need.


I've just listed items that were in bold from the list given to me you can check online for others.  They need to be small to medium items for carrying in a military backpack.

Shaving Cream
Body Wash
Instant Coffee Only
Fruit (plastic or pull top cans)
Tuna/Chicken Foil Pack or pull top can
Nuts and Sunflower Seeds (small)
AA/AAA Batteries for Cameras

This is another organizations want list and their address at the end. 

 men's shaving cream
 mouth wash
 tooth paste
 tooth brushes
 men's soap / body wash
 men's razors

Or any snack food or single serve drink packs ( hot cocoa , Lipton tea etc. ) 

All items can be sent to
Coups for troops c/o Heather Meagher
12907 Gordons haven
San Antonio, TX 78253

Another lovely activity for you and your family to do is show support for the local first responders in your area.  This can be done for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Bring a food item to those who have to work on the holidays i.e. Hospital ER Staff, Police Station Personnel and Fire Dept. Staff.   Just a little something to show our appreciation for what they do.  Make a little gift basket and put cookies and things in it.  Hope every ones Holiday is a good one.  I will not be posting on Wednesday or Friday this week because of the holidays.  


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