Monday, November 18, 2013

Recipe for a Perfect X-mas plus crafts for kids

Good Early Morning all,  This is the second movie in the series about x-mas.  Yes, its another Lifetime Channel X-mas movie.  Can you tell I love these movies.  Well this one inspired a crafting experience and the hunt for a little tree, but I digress here.  So lets talk about the movie.  It's called Recipe for a Perfect Christmas.  It's about a woman named who is an assistant to a food critic. The critic goes on maternity leave and it falls to JJ to become the new critic.  This is complicated by the arrival of her crazy and wild mother played by Christine Baranski (she plays it to the hilt).  With the new job jj doesn't have time to deal with her moms shenanigans. So she makes a deal with a young chef who wants a review of his restaurant.  The chef will occupy her mother.  It makes for a lot of  heartwarming fun.  There are also alot of interesting quirks to the movie but I wont spoil it.  So check it out.  It's available at amazon and you can see it on lifetime Nov 21st. at 10 p.m. Here's another fun part.  JJ has this little tree in the movie and I've been wanting one for ages.  So we have been on a hunt and then I saw one at hospice thrift where we could make one. So here's how me made one. You will need the following items:

1 Styrofoam cone-$1 at dollar tree
1-25 pack of green pipe cleaner-$.88 at walmart
1-roll of gold twine-$.50 thrift store
1-odds and ends like miniature ornaments and bells and ribbons-$.50 each bag at thrift store
1-bottle of gold glitter glue-$1 for a pack of three
all total $5

Start from the top of the tree and stick tip of pipe cleaner into tree and wrap around tree. Secure it by sticking other end in tree once wrapped around. Keep adding pipe cleaner and just stick in ends has you go trying not to show any holes.  If you do can cover with ornaments.  When you get to the bottom you will have some white Styrofoam showing take your gold glitter and fill in the white area.  Drape your gold string around the tree like tinsel secure ends with gold glitter glue.  You can glue ornaments on or if they have little wires stick into tree to secure.  I luck out one of the bags had a little pine cone snowman which became my tree topper.  Put the tree on a silver tray I got from a freebie yard sale run and put the presents around the tree and your done.

                                                    Frankie had to get into the act.

So enjoy your little tree along with the movie.

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