Monday, November 4, 2013

Rant about Food Safety

Good Morning all,  I thought I wasn't going to post this morning because of vet appt.  Turns out they can't see him until 1pm.  A couple of weeks ago when they had the chicken recall, I went to my store and saw the bad codes.  So I told the meat person you have bad codes.  He hemmed and hawed and said some BS about it not being the dates that were bad.  I said I'm not buying them, you never know.  Well, he told me yesterday 2 hours after I left they got the call to pull the meat.  I am so glad I did not buy them.  Part of my time in the military was spent as a food inspector and when you have a recall no matter what dates, if codes match you pull it.  When I was in college before the ms set in and I was headed for work with the CDC,  I had the pleasure of having dinner with several public health officers from the CDC. They said the greatest threat to people's health was not bird flu but Food Borne Illness.  I can believe it with stupidity like this coming out of the stores.  What do you think about this going on?

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