Saturday, August 20, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Graffiti Kitty

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Good Morning my fur buds, mom got to play with dream scope today and had a lot of fun. She's been trying to use the phone to get photos to a higher resolution and hasn't got it quite there yet.  I've been feeling the cold lately and trying to crawl under the covers at night.  Mom said I should crawl under my own blankets that I stole from her.  I do not steal mom I borrow.  Besides you have plenty of blankets and I only have the one.  Frankie you take as many as I'd let you. Your a greedy little thing. Your a little Prima Dona.  Well I never, walks off in a huff.  Do your humans say bad things about you?  Which  photo do you like this week?

                                                           Graffiti in dreamscope

Blue Brambles in dreamscope

                                                         winter solstice

                                                           basic edits in picmonkey

                                                               original cuteness

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