Thursday, August 18, 2016

Belated National Thrift Store Day-Fabulous Limoges Find

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Good Morning dear readers,  Love that they have a day for all us thrifters.  I was able to get this lovely piece from the Women's Empowerment Thrift Store.  I had actually seen it last weekend but had to wait. Hated waiting but what can you do? Limoges refers to a region in France known for their delicate Porcelain China.  You can find many factories in the town of Limoges still making china today. They been making china since the 18th Century.  There's a chemical called Kaolin in the soil that's used to make the china. This chemical gives it a fragile quality.  This piece I found  was made by the Lazarus Strauss & Sons of New York.  Interesting fact I found out this company was the first to have its products put in the original Macy's Store. I love this piece with the double handles and the gold leaf definitely very fragile.  What did you find on National Thrift Store Day?

                                   Update found makers mark in kovels book dated 1895-1917

Note: this piece will be in an eBay auction when I get it set up soon.

Want to learn more about Limoges found some interesting items on amazon:

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