Monday, February 24, 2014

The Secret To Conquering Procrastination

Good Morning dear readers,  Do you have trouble getting motivated to do things.  Are your house keeping chores behind or do you have projects piling up.  I'm guilty of this affliction and I've found a way to get motivated.  I use to follow fly lady and I learned a few tips from her website.  One of my favorite tips is you can do anything in 15 minute increments.  You will be surprised at how liberating this can be in helping you get motivated.  Do you have an area that's the family dumping ground papers, toys and odds and ends?  Set the clock and start clearing it out.  Another way to do it is make a list of areas that you just look at and throw your hands in the air.  Set the clock and go to it.  This will get some of the little things done and motivate you to do more.  Kids having trouble getting home work projects done set the clock and tell them to work for 15-20 minutes.  This really does help.    Another tip I love and gets the kids involved is the 15 minute room rescue.  You set the clock and the kids run around in the room you pick and put their things away.  You would be surprised at how much gets done.  So hope this helps because less clutter means less stress and means a more healthy momma.

                                                    This only took 10 minutes to go from this

                                                             to folded

and put on hangers and another 5 minutes to put away

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