Friday, February 14, 2014

Frankies Tunnel of Love

Good Morning Pet lovers, I finally got Frankie off of the computer.  The boys brought home balloons from the dinner at the church and Frankie's been trying to eat the balloons. We couldn't have him eating balloons.  So I remembered he had his tunnel toy and he loves to play with it.  He had some separation anxiety this week I was gone about eight hours and he was not happy.  Remember now if your getting someone a kitten for valentines day and its a particular breed check on the breeds particular issues.  For example if they live in a small space a Maine coon would be too big.  Frankie's a snowshoe and his particular characteristics are he does not like to be left alone and he needs a lot of attention.  We saw this lovely documentary on Animal Planet that talks about the needs of particular breeds.  So check it out(this was awhile back we saw the video).  It might be available on Amazon.  Frankie says Happy Valentines Day.

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