Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Healthy Tea Tip

Good Morning dear readers,  those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know I love my coffee.  I am not much of a tea drinker.  Accept when having a lot of stress/tension in my life that's when I pull out the tea.  There is this wonderful tea that has a lot of  health benefits.  The tea is called Tension Tamer and its made my Celestial Seasonings and it does what it says.  It calms you down.  I was researching some of the ingredients and this will tell you why the tea works so good.

1. Eleuthero-its an anti-oxidant, lowers blood sugar, improves immune function and improves memory all good things.

2. Peppermint-used to treat inflammation of the sinus and stomach issues.

3.  Cinnamon-used as an anti-oxidant and helps lower blood sugar.

4.  Ginger-used to treat stomach issues and used my chemo patients to help with nausea.

5.  Chamomile-used to treat anxiety, anti-inflammatory agent and stomach issues.

6.  Lemongrass-used has an anti-inflammatory, helps with stomach issues and even high blood pressure.

7.  Licorice-used has an anti-anxiety aid

8.  B complex vitamins which  help promote skin and hair growth and help relax you.

If you currently take prescription meds please check with your doctor or pharmacist before drinking this tea. That's exactly what I had to do and it passed against all my meds.  So I try to drink this once a day in the afternoon and it really does calm you down give it try.

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