Friday, December 12, 2014

The History of Thrift Shops and my latest Haul

Good Morning dear readers, do  you ever wonder why we love thrift stores so much.  For me its finding something I need at the fraction of the cost.  Plus you can find vintage items that might have an interesting history to it.  A story to tell your family in the future.  I was also wondering how did thrift stores get started.  Did you know the first one opened in 1899 in England?  In England their called charity shops and really didn't take off  until World War I.  I think why their so popular now is the recent recession.  When you don't have a lot of money this is the best way to save.  It's also the best way charitable organizations can raise money i.e. goodwill, hospice and st. Vincent DE Paul.  Well on my recent trip I continued the tradition of adding new to me ornaments to the Christmas tree plus a unique stocking for Christmas.  I also picked up some rubber stamps for my favorite hobby art journaling.  Sorry no pics on the rubber stamps didn't turn out.  So here they are.  Have you added some thrifted ornaments to your tree this year?

                Frankie kept thinking this one was a new chew toy and would climb the tree to get to her.

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