Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Are You A Cookie Virgin?

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Good Morning dear readers,  Are you wondering what a cookie virgin is?  Well a cookie virgin is someone who has never hosted or been in a holiday cookie swap.  I thought since I'm cooking all these recipes for the holidays. I would give you tips on how to host your own cookie swap.  I've read  a lot of tips on how to host one and wanted to share it with you.  So here we go and enjoy.  Also this gives you the chance to try different cookies without spending the money on the ingredients-can be considered frugal way of trying new cookies.

1.  Invite 6-12 friends to come to the party
2.  Agree on no one makes basic chocolate chip everyone always does this recipe to death
3.  Since we are already in December set the date a week before Christmas
4.  Have each person make 7 dozen of the cookie their bringing and extra to try out.
5.  Bring boxes or tins for everyone to take home cookies
6.  Have your copies of your recipe written or printed out for each person to take home
7.  No store bought cookies must be home made
8.  Set a pretty table for your party
9.  Serve coffee, punch or other party nibbles

Finally why not make it even greater by making a donation to a food bank by having your cookie club bring canned items or even a cash donation for the food bank.

Here are some recipes to try for your special cookie club.



Here's the book and some other helpful ideas for your holiday needs:

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