Friday, November 7, 2014

Frankies Corner-What do you see?

Good Morning dear readers, I got into a discussion with my oldest son the other day. He said cat's see colors and I'm like I don't know. What do you think, Do cats see colors? Because every time I put cans in front of Frankie to pick what he wants to eat. He goes for the purple can? The purple can is his favorite turkey and of course cheese.  Well, I did some reading cats can see colors but not like you and me.  Cats can be considered color blind.  They see shades of blue and green and other colors can be confusing for instance that purple can actually looks more blue.  Most cats vision can be considered that of a near sighted person but their night vision is so much better than ours. Plus Frankie has the added problem of being cross eyed.  Play a game with your cat today put colored objects in front of them and see what they like.

                                               Yes, I see you leave me alone I'm napping

                                                    Look something just moved in my Territory!

                                                   HAHA you can't get me your too short.

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