Friday, October 31, 2014

Sea Of Cats Art Page

Good Morning dear readers,  I was trying to do a page for Halloween of just cats.  So here's my page. I gesso'd it with white gesso and then dipped the cat stamp in pink acrylic paint and rubber stamped the page.  After drying, I put another layer of gesso over the cats and proceeded to paint them.  The black cat was done using a black paint marker it almost obscured his eyes until scratched some of the paint away.  I did some cats in orange acrylic paint unfortunately some of the ink ran a little so I switched to painting the cats with oil pastels in various colors still had some runny ink.  So I finished by rubber stamping the cat stamp on card stock and cutting them out and gluing them to the page. I also put a bubbles rubber stamp around the edges.Then put the finishing touches of leopard print duck tape under some of the cats and wrote in black oil pastel the sea of cats.  Enjoy do you have trouble with ink running.  What did you do?

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