Monday, November 10, 2014

Cookie Club #2 The Cheese Burger Cookie

Good Afternoon dear readers,  here's my surprise for you today.  I got this book last year I try to read a new holiday book every year.  This book is called "The Christmas Cookie Club" written by Ann Perlman.  This a wonderful heart warming story about the women who have a yearly Christmas Cookie Club and their lives, loves and friendship throughout the year.  Another wonderful thing about the book is it has cookie recipes.  Today I get to share with you one of the most unusual and tasty cookies in the book--The Cheese Burger Cookie. This recipe as been altered to fit my families needs. So lets get to the recipe.

1-12 oz box nilla wafers
2 egg whites
bottle of sesame seeds to sprinkle liberably over cookie
1/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
4 cups or more to get desired consistancy confectioners sugar
yellow, red and green food coloring
1 cup coconut
1-10 oz, package chocolate grasshopper cookies

Get two plates and by the way the kids can help assemble these cookies their is no cooking involved.
One plate is  filled with faced side up and the other face side down.  On the facing up cookies brush eggs on them and sprinkle with sesame seeds then set aside.  

Mix milk, almond extract and confectioners sugar together stir in yellow and red food coloring until you have the consistency and coloring of cheese this is your frosting it holds the cookies together.

Take your coconut and sprinkle green food color and then stir or if container with lid shake until turned green this is your lettuce

Now your going to assemble your cheese burger put frosting on the face side down cookie then place grasshopper cookie on top then proceed with another layer of frosting dipping cookie in lettuce.  Take the face side up cookie put frosting on it and then put on top of other cookie with lettuce coconut and their you have your cheese burgers.  You can make 2 dozen with the one box. I cut back it originally called for 2 boxes.  Conor does not like mint cookies so I bought devils food chocolate cookies to see how it would turn out. It makes the cookies look like big Macs and gives them a different flavor. You can try either way enjoy.

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