Sunday, October 12, 2014

Small Rite Aid trip's for Coffee and Toilet Paper

Good morning dear readers, I did a couple of Rite Aid runs this week.  Sorry this is last week sale but you can still learn couponing from it.  I always try to get the up rewards to pay for my toiletries.  I especially like it when I can stock up on coffee.  So here's the break down on what I got.

2 large Folgers Coffee 27.8 oz @ $8.00 each
2 Friskies Cans Cheesy sausations new kind with cheese sauce if yours is picky like mine they might like this food  @ $.69 each

Before coupons/sales/rewards $31                 After coupons/sales/rewards $17.50

This deal netted me $4 in up rewards

2nd transaction

12 roll package simplify bath tissue  

before coupons/sales/rewards $8.99             After coupons/sales/rewards $4.99
Savings $4

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